Posted on Jul 3, 2014

So, as a traveller, I’m pretty much like everyone else. I get excited, I get nervous, I get neurotic and at the airport my husband just stands back and lets me do my thing. Between home and the airport I must check for my passport and air-ticket at least 100 times, and at the airport, oh boy!
So, before one gets to this hyped up point, what do you pack? What do you leave behind? And what do you NEVER leave home without? Since a weekend to Port Elizabeth from Cape Town usually consists of over-packing, it’s time I learn along with you what this all means.


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Bring It!

  1. Where are you going? This will determine what you need to really pack. You’re not going to take boots along with you if you’re going to a tropical island somewhere. You need to find out if there are any occasions for smarter clothing (if you’re in a resort there are sometimes smarter dinner requirements) or if your usual casual jeans and t-shirt will do.
  2. Underwear – I usually like taking at least a week’s supply. If you’re moving around a lot it might not be easy to wash and dry in enough time for your next destination
  3. Good socks are always important, especially if you’re walking a lot. Speaking of which, the best possible walking shoes are THE most important if you’re going to be on your feet a lot
  4. Light weight or thicker clothing? Longs or shorts? At least 3 or 4 of each – bottoms and tops. They can be mixed and matched although you might still get bored with your selection (ladies LOL)

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  1. Do you need any injections or medication which may be required for your health? I don’t just mean the required health precautions for where you’re going if any. I mean your own medication. If you’re a diabetic, do you have enough insulin? Do you have any scripts which need filling so that you have all your meds with you? Do you have a letter from your Doctor in case you have any issues with all of the above at the airport?
  2. A good book (essential!)
  3. An Ipod or any other MP3 player which might save your sanity if waiting for a long connection or if that feeds your soul (like me)!
  4. A good travel partner (unless you’re travelling light, in which case, numbers 6 and 7 are above will do the job!)

Leave it!

  1. Too many duplicates – it’s going to get heavy and remember you might go shopping!
  2. Basic medicines you could possibly buy overseas. Something like Panado is something you can find there, even if it does cost some money (ignore if you need them often!)
  3. More than 3 pairs of shoes for a week is over the top. I think for 2 weeks that should be fine too.